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How to Prevent the Brakes Failure of Overhead Crane?

2018-08-16 14:37:37 Author:NUCLEON

If the brakes of overhead crane breakdown, which will influce the mormal working of the double girder crane. What is worse, it may occur accident in the operation. Therefore, we need to do some precaution to prevent the brakes failure of overhead crane. However, do you know what should do for this? 

Prevention measures of eot crane's mechanism brake accident:

The brakes are checked and maintained on a regular basis. The brakes of the overhead crane 's mechanism must be carried out once. The brakes of the operating mechanism are to be taken once a day. The following are mainly checked:

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a. Whether there is any stagnation and wear in the hinges, and whether there is any slack in the fastening places;

b. Whether the movement of each movable part is normal;

c. Whether the hydraulic system normal;

d. Whether the wear between the brake wheel and the brake belt is normal and clean.

According to the inspection conditions to determine whether the brake is normal, and resolutely put an end to sick operation, at the same time the brake should be regularly lubricated and maintained. In order to ensure the safe operation of the crane, the brake must be constantly adjusted to ensure the working requirements of the corresponding agencies.

In addition, this double girder crane offers a load and duty class range that comprehensively covers the requirements of customers in a wide range of industry applications. It can lift from 5 to 320 tons and is designed for process duty.