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Strcture and Features of Wire Rope Electric Hoist

2018-10-30 15:31:55 Author:NUCLEON

The use of electric hoists can be said to be very extensive, but there may be very few people who can correctly use the advantages of electric hoists to operate. Nucleon crane's engineer suggests that we should learn more about the characteristics of electric hoists and the knowledge in this regard. Electric hoist is better to use.

Structure and characteristics of wire rope electric hoist: 

wire rope electric hoist

The electric hoist adopts the mechanical and electrical integration design. The replacement of different molds can suppress different specifications of wire ropes, and the control is simple and safe. The main disadvantages are poor motor thermal conditions, poor grouping performance, convenient inspection, installation and maintenance of the motor, and complex power supply devices. The electric hoist with electric axis parallel to the axis of the drum has advantages of small height and length. The disadvantages are large width and poor grouping, high altitude lifting platforms, and complex manufacturing and assembly.

The electric hoist has a compact structure. The electric hoist with the axis of the motor perpendicular to the axis of the drum adopts a worm gear. The disadvantages are: large length dimensions, large dimensions in width, coarse structure, low mechanical efficiency, and difficult processing. The hydraulic system is dual controlled. The overflow regulating valve and the magnetic contact pressure gauge can accurately control the pressure. The electrical control department adopted a low-voltage control lifting platform to increase the security of the control system.