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How to Deal With the Brakes Faillure of Single Girder Crane?

2018-08-14 14:48:57 Author:NUCLEON

Single-girder cranes have two operating modes, ground and control room. Ground operation methods include wireless remote control operation and wired handle operation; the control room has two kinds of open and closed type, which can be divided into two types according to the actual situation: left or right installation. However, when the single girder crane's mechanism stops working, the brake suddenly fails. What you need to do? 

The single girder crane's driver should take the following measures in time:

single girder crane

1. Once a problem is found in the lifting operation of the crane, a point-taking or anti-vehicle operation should be performed immediately to see if it is possible to stop the heavy object, and then handle it according to different situations.

2. If you can't stop the brakes while you are on a point or against a car, you should send a signal and take the following measures:

1) Immediately use large and small vehicles to choose a safe open space in the nearest place, put down the object at the fastest speed, slow down when approaching the ground, and do not apply the method of free fall;

2) If the ground cannot be safely dropped, lift it repeatedly in order to lengthen the time it takes to hang it in the air. Driving large and small vehicles to choose safe places to put objects down;

3) If a heavy object needs to be lifted up, it should be lifted up by one block and cannot be quickly pulled to this block. Prevent over-current relay action and power outage. If you do not mention it, you must quickly select a safe open space to hang down.