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Precautions Before You Buy Single Girder Eot Crane

2018-08-15 14:02:59 Author:NUCLEON

The single girder eot crane is known for its lateral bracing which is absent in a double girder crane. Also a single girder crane has stronger cross girders allowing for better reinforcement in tasks where reinforcement is needed with a bridge crane. Therefore, there are more and more customer to buy single girder hoist crane. And do you know which precaution need to know before you buy eot crane?

Precautions Before You Buy Single Girder Eot Crane:

5ton single girder crane

1. Whether the operation is stable

The impact of the single-girder crane with poor quality during operation is so great that the operation is shaking and it has certain safety hazards. Therefore, customers should choose to run smoothly when purchasing, and this type of single-girder crane achieves the effect of soft start by controlling the speed through frequency conversion.

2. Whether the reducer is leaking

The single beam crane's drive consists of a motor, reducer, and brake. If you buy a poor quality crane, you may have an oil leak. Oil leakage will not only pollute the working environment, but it will also affect the service life. Therefore, when selecting a single-girder crane, it is advisable to consider a three-in-one drive and a sealed reducer.

3. Whether there is noise

We often see a number of poor quality single-girder cranes operating at great noise, these noises are mostly transmitted from the reducer and wheels. Good quality single-girder cranes have little sound when starting or running. Just like the car's engine, when you buy a car, will you choose a loud voice or a small voice?