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What Need to Care When Buy Gantry Cranes?

2018-08-14 15:35:58 Author:NUCLEON

What Need to Care When Buy Gantry Cranes? Today nucleon crane engineer will talk about this:

1. Brand: The quality of the brand is often represented in people's minds as a good or bad product. Although this is more than partial, in the Gantry crane market, the brand's quality is usually determined by word of mouth. A well-known brand of gantry crane products must be more reliable than an unknown brand of products.

2. Models of Gantry crane: Gantry cranes are differentiated based on their structure, lifting tonnage, applicable occasions, etc. For example, light gantry cranes and heavy gantry cranes, such as single lifting gantry cranes and double lifting gantry cranes, are The selection of models needs more consideration of the specific conditions of the gantry crane to be installed. In fact, users can learn more about professionals and technicians.

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3. Gantry crane performance: gantry crane performance includes many aspects, such as related technical parameters, electrical performance, etc., these aspects are usually related to the gantry crane capacity, service life, etc., and the same model, it is recommended that users also more to consult professional and technical personnel .

4. Gantry crane price: individual users, business users Ye Hao, there must be a cost budget in the procurement of gantry crane, therefore, the user in the procurement process of gantry crane, the consideration of price factors will usually occupy a not small proportion, measure The line is the basic principle for users to consider the price.

5. After-sale gantry crane service: Longmen cranes are no more than daily necessities or consumables. Up to three years, five years or even longer after-sales service period can enable users to eliminate the worries of using the gantry crane. For the inspection of after-sales factors, one is to look at the service. The timeliness, on the one hand, also depends on the convenience of the point of sale.