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Why Does Market Value Of Cantilever Crane Has Become Higher And Higher?

2018-08-13 10:50:26 Author:NUCLEON

Construction machinery has become more and more in risk control and market supply and demand. The central technology and overall design of the machinery are always researched and developed to meet new requirements, and the products appearing on the market are not only the market. Value is even more important. The competitive advantage in the machinery industry has reached its climax, and its strength compared with foreign countries has become larger and larger. From this perspective, it proves that the market value of the cantilever crane is getting higher and higher. But do you know the detailed reason?

The most flexible in the jib crane is the mobile jib crane flow. In addition to its dexterity, the mobile adaptability is a must-have separate emergency hoisting equipment on the efficient automatic production line, which ensures the unimpeded production line. The jib crane belongs to industrial parts and belongs to the light work intensity crane. It consists of a column, a slewing arm slewing device and an electric hoist. It has light weight, large span, large lifting capacity and economical durability.

5ton jib crane

The jib crane, also known as the cantilever crane, is a lightweight lifting device developed to meet the needs of modern production. As a transmission mechanism, the hoist is usually equipped with a relatively high reliability electric hoist. The gourd is particularly prominent in short-distance lifting and lifting operations. Suitable for short distance, frequent and intensive lifting operations, high efficiency, energy saving and small floor space. Operation and maintenance are simpler than other devices.

In addition, in order to ensure the normal working and prolong the lifetime of jib crane, we need to do some maintenance. At first we should do the daily check work. Daily inspection is often carried out on the equipment before the equipment is used. The main inspection contents are general cleaning, lubrication of the transmission parts, adjustment and fastening work. By running the test security device with sensitive reliability, there is no abnormal sound during the monitoring operation.

As for the weekly inspection, it is mainly carried out by the maintenance worker and the operator. In addition to the regular daily inspection, the appearance of the equipment is also checked. There are mainly checking whether the hook has a problem, whether the taking device is normal, whether the use of the wire rope or the like has safety hazards, the sensitivity and reliability of the brake, the clutch, the emergency alarm device, and whether the transmission component is abnormal or overheated by motion observation. and many more.