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Easily be Overlooked Safety Device of Gantry Crane

2018-06-13 14:16:22 Author:NUCLEON

There are many different kinds of safety device for gantry crane. We have mainly remember the key safety device such as zero protection, interlock protection, extreme position limiter and buffer, etc. And there are some other devices for the goliath crane that maybe easily be overlooked. Today nucleon crane's engineer will talk about it. They are as the following:

1. Level meter

Installed on a mobile crane, you can check the tilt of the outrigger crane and show the horizontal state of the crane body.

2. Prevention of boom tilting device

When mounted on a boom crane of a flexible luffing mechanism, the luffing arm can be prevented from tilting backward when the luffing distance switch of the luffing mechanism malfunctions.

3. Limit torque limiting device

When the boom rotation resistance moment of the jib crane is larger than the designed moment, the friction element in the device slides and the power input is cut off, so that the rotation movement is stopped, thereby playing a protective role.

single girder gantry crane

4. Wind speed alarm

Installed on an open-air crane. When the wind is greater than 6 levels, it can send an alarm signal and can display instantaneous wind speed and wind level. Cranes working on the coast can be set to issue an alarm signal when the wind power is greater than seven.

5. Leg retraction locking device

The safety function of the mobile crane installed on the leg that needs to hit the legs is to lock the legs in both directions to ensure that the crane does not have a "soft leg" retracting phenomenon when lifting the legs; when the crane ends lifting Work, when the leg is retracted, can reliably lock the leg and prevent the leg from extending out of the crane when it is running.

6. Rotary positioning device

When the mobile crane is running on a road, it is ensured that the lifting structure on the turntable is kept in a fixed position to prevent swinging during running.

7. Anti-overturn safety hook

It is installed on the single girder crane that is hooked on the side of the main beam to prevent the car from tipping over.

8. Amplitude indicator

Mounted on a double girder gantry crane with a luffing mechanism, it can correctly indicate the spreader's range.

9. Skew adjustment and display device

Long-span gantry cranes and loading and unloading bridges, when the two legs are deflected due to the unsynchronized forward speed, the device can indicate the deflection and adjust the deflection.