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Want to Get Free Overhead Crane Training?

2018-05-17 15:46:09 Author:NUCLEON

Single girder bridge cranes are important tools and equipments for modernizing industrial production and lifting transportation to realize the mechanization and automation of production processes. Therefore, single-beam bridge cranes have been widely used in indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, steel and chemical industry, railway transportation, port terminals, and logistics and other departments and places. Therefore, it is important to get the trains before the engineer operating cranes.

5ton overhead crane

Training one:

(1) Each crane must be affixed with a nominal weight label in a conspicuous place.

(2) During the work, no one on the bridge is allowed to transport people with a hook.

(3) No crane is allowed to drive without an operation certificate and drink.

(4) The operation must be focused, not allowed to talk, smoke or do anything irrelevant.

(5) The vehicle must be clean; no equipment, tools, flammable materials, explosives, or dangerous goods should be placed indiscriminately.

(6) The crane does not allow over-loading.

(7) Lifting is not allowed in the following cases: the binding is not strong; the parts are overloaded; the signal is not clear; the cable is pulled diagonally; the objects buried or frozen in the ground; the objects on the suspended objects; flammable materials and explosive devices without safety protection measures And dangerous goods; overfilled liquid items; wire ropes that do not meet the requirements for safe use; lifting mechanisms are malfunctioning.

single girder 5ton crane

(8) When the single girder overhead crane is operating on an unobstructed line, the hook or spreader and the underside of the load must be more than 2m above the ground. If the obstacle is crossed, the obstacle must be over 0.5m high.

(9) For lifting objects less than 50% of the nominal lifting weight, two mechanisms are allowed to move at the same time; hanging objects larger than 50% of the nominal lifting weight can only be operated by one mechanism.

(10) Bridge cranes with primary and secondary hooks shall not raise or lower the primary or secondary hooks at the same time (with special exceptions).

(11) Welding or hammering and work underneath the object (when supported) is not permitted on suspended objects.

(12) It is necessary to do inspections or perform maintenance work after a power outage and hanging signs of power outages on the power door. If it is necessary to carry out live work, it must be protected by safety measures and be provided with special care.