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Container Straddle Carrier

Product Name: Container Straddle Carrier
Capacity: 35t, 60t
Container Layers: Max. 4
Applications:Container straddle carriers are used for stacking and moving containers. These straddle carriers have the ability to stack containers up to 4 layers.

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Description of Container Straddle Carrier

The most common application for straddle carriers is for container handling in port terminals and container yards. Container straddle carriers are used for stacking and moving containers. These straddle carriers have the ability to stack containers up to 4 layers. The running speed can be up to 30 km/h with full load. The workers can sit at the top so that they can see situations of front and back. The normal capacity of Nucleon straddle carriers is 35t, and the Max. design capacity is 60 t (59 long tons; 66 short tons) same as 2 full containers.

Features of Container Straddle Carrier

High Quality Material and Components

The steel plates are all from Bao steel, Wuhan steel, Handan steel, all steel should be inspected by our National Technology Test Laboratory to ensure the quality.

The generator unit is International brand and the driving, rotating, hydraulic power unit are chinese or international famous brand.

Modular Design

The components of straddle crane are designed into various series standard modulars. And different modulars can be assemblies to different products.

All the modular components can assemble and disassemble for good transportation.

Standard modular components can be manufactured with short producing time and steady quality. So that we can short the delivery time.



Both side of all the steel plate of the straddle crane are pretreatment by pretreatment production line, Sand blasting-- Primer spray--Primer drying. Eliminate the innerstress of steel plate, increase the adhesive force of the steel structure. Ensure the appearance and anticorrosion quality.


Steel plate cutting adopts whole sets Messer CNC plasma cutting machine from Germany, wiht very fast cutting speed, little deformation, High precision, Deviation could be controlled within 1mm, it insure the raw material at high quality standard and can reach top level in the industry.


The welding of main beam adopts high efficiency and intelligent welding robot, Weihua are No.1 enterprise who adopts this high technology machine. The welding joint inside of the main beam adopts advanced MAG welding, adopts Ar+CO2 mixed protective gas, The 4 welding joint outside of the main beam adopts automatic submerged-arc fillet welding machine. The welding of main beam adopts radiographic inspection and ultrasonic flaw detection for the welding joint and fillet weld position.

Production capacity:

Nucleon co. covers an area of 450,000㎡and has more than 3,000 sets of production equipment and testing equipment. Nucleon has an experienced R&D team, production team, after-sales service team and logistics supply team, with a total of about 1,500 people, which guarantees timely delivery of various orders.

Production equipment:

The workers must first sharpen their tools in order to do their best. Nucleon workshops are equipped with world-class production equipment, ensuring that every workpiece produced is of first-class quality.

Strict quality control:

Nucleon co. has a very strict quality management system, from raw material procurement, to every detail of production, to the acceptance of finished products, will be executed according to strict standards.

Adequate supply:

Nucleon has sufficient raw materials, abundant accessories, and a large semi-finished and finished product warehouse to meet various urgent orders.

After-sales service:

Perfect after-sales service team, including: technical consultation, equipment installation, logistics support, order settlement, Solution customization etc.

Internationally recognized:

Nucleon® crane have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions and have been highly recognized by customers. In the future, Nucleon® crane will serve more customers all over the world.

Certifications and Honors:

Nucleon has obtained more than 100 production qualifications in China, more than 200 domestic and international honors, CE, IOS related certification and a number of technical patents.

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