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40 Ton RTG Crane

2018-06-08 11:14:30 Author:NUCLEON

Product: 40 Ton RTG Crane

Application site:Thailand

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A5

Lifting capacity:40 ton

Span: 4.5m

Lifting height:11.5m

40ton rtg crane

This 40 ton rtg cranes are boom-type rotary cranes that use a tire-type chassis to walk. The rubber tyred container gantry crane is a kind of full-rotary crane that installs the crane structure on a special chassis composed of heavy-duty tires and axles. Its upper structure is basically the same as a crawler crane. In order to ensure the stability of the fuselage during the installation operation, the rubber tyred container gantry crane is with four retractable leg.