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20 Ton Workshop Overhead Travelling Crane

2018-05-31 13:16:32 Author:NUCLEON

Product:20 Ton Workshop Overhead Travelling Crane

Application site:Nepal

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A3

Lifting capacity:20ton


Lifting height:4m

20ton overhead crane

The bridge crane is an important tool and equipment for mechanization and automation of the production process in modern industrial production and crane transportation. Therefore, bridge cranes are widely used in indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, steel and chemical industry, railway transportation, port terminals, and logistics and other departments and places.

This kind of 20 ton overhead Travelling crane is widely used in working environment at -20°C~+40°C, and the workshop workshop is clean due to its advantages such as small wheel distance, stable operation, compact structure, good rigidity, dexterous operation, low noise, safe and reliable, attractive appearance and so on.